Montreal SwimTec. aims to make sure everyone is comfortable in and around water.  You are never too young or old to jump in and get wet!


Infant/Toddler lessons:  This program starts at 18 months.  We teach the children and parents the importance of safe water entry and exit as well as many other safety procedures in and around the water.  You will be amazed how an 18 month old can learn to swim safely to the side on his own.

Preschool swim:  Kids who join the preschool program start at age 3.  They learn all the same things as the infants swim as well as some of the more advanced techniques.  Depending on their progress they will soon turn that doggie paddle into the perfect front crawl!

Intermediate:  Once you have the the basics down we teach you all of the swim strokes and how to refine your technique.  We will help you with your flip turns, lap times and any other goals you may want to reach.

Advanced/Competitive:  Trying to make the team?  Looking for a faster time? Need help perfecting your position on the block?  We are here for you!  Our coaches are qualified and experienced working with National level competitors and know all the right tools to make you into the swimmer you have always aimed to be.

Adult Swim:  This program is aimed for anyone and everyone over the age of 16, who either needs help to conquer their fear of water, wants to learn how to float or may want to refine their swimming strokes.  Whatever your age and/or level we have the right instructor for you.  It is never too late to learn to keep your head above the water or safely below!