Water Safety

Montreal SwimTec. wants everyone to play safe!


Water is a great way to cool off, have fun and stay fit. There are so many benefits in knowing how to swim. The most beneficial lesson is water safety. As many of us enjoy a variety of recreational pursuits in, on and around the water, it is vital to remain watchful in preventing water-related injuries and drowning. What some do not know is that it only takes two inches of water for a small child to drown which is enough to cover the mouth and nose. According to the Canadian Red Cross, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for Canadian children ages one to four. The importance of water safety can mean the difference between life or death. Drowning is predictable and preventable. As a parent you can help reduce the risk of water-related deaths and injuries by understanding the importance of water safety and taking basic precautions. Although swimming lessons may not be something you considered it is your responsibility to make sure that you and your children can at minimum learn the basics of swim to survive. Montreal SwimTec. teaches the basic skills needed by all to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. These skills are taught in our organization and you will learn to turn onto your back, keep your face out of the water, tread water and swim fifty meters. By possessing these skills, an individual is more able to bring themselves to safety. What individuals do not seem to realize is that 71% of the earth’s surface is made up of water. If we can learn to walk then we should all learn to swim. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time and you must be prepared in case it happens to you or a loved one. Have fun, Get healthy and BE SAFE! Montreal Swimtec.